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Star Points Smart System® Annual Membership


Star Points Smart System®

Our Smart System® is exactly that, the smart way to use your credit and debit cards, the smart way to bank, the smart way to shop online, and the smart way to secure your identity and surf the internet.

Star Points is the equivalent of an immediate and ongoing $5,000.00 raise. We save our members more than $3,600.00 a year in AFTER TAX dollars. What would you do if you had an extra $3,600.00 or more from using Star Points Smart System®?

Each StarPoints Smart System® Member receives:

  • Materials Curated by Your Responses and Star Points Proprietary Algorithm
  • Banking Module
  • Credit Cards Module
  • Cyber Security Module
  • Home & Shopping Optimization Module
  • Travel Module
  • Unlimited Access 24/7 with Any Active Internet Connection
  • Unlimited Video Viewing
  • Unlimited Use of Survey to Refresh Your Curated Content

*Your Annual Subscription Renews Automatically
Product is a download sent upon completion of purchase. Image is for illustrative purposes. No card will be sent.*

$150.00 $99.95